“Dr. Shine, Thank you so much! The Labor and delivery all
went well- thanks for all you did and your great support”


“Dr. Shine is amazing. She helped me get through my pregnancy
more comfortably and even adjusted my newborn.”


“Dr. Shine, Thank you so much! The Labor and delivery all
went well- thanks for all you did and your great support”


Dr. Shine has improved my quality of life immeasurably! Before I went to see her, I was pretty well convinced that I was going to have horrible headaches for the rest of my life. Not only with her mad adjustment skills but with her generous, loving spirit and willingness to listen she has me feeling better than I ever have after just wo visits! I would recommend her services to ANY woman, pregnant or otherwise!

Adrienne M

Dr. Brandi has been seeing my 4 month old since she was 4 weeks old. We absolutely love her. My husband loves the days we take her to Dr. Brandi as he’s with our baby in the evenings while I work. He sees a notable difference in her calmness on those days. She is treating my baby with cranial-sacral therapy because her soft spot is closing too soon. So far so good. Highly recommend.

Jamie L.

I have never left a Chiropractor with such a big smile on my face!! Not only did Dr Shine give me the best alignment of my life but she and the staff made me feel so comfortable, welcome and just plain good. Amazing place filled with amazing people.

Vanessa C.

Dr Shine is incredible. I was so miserable and in pain everyday. She is so caring and really tries to find the root of the discomfort and pain. Finding Align was the best thing I did for myself during this pregnancy. Thank you so much!!!

Connie A.

I have chronic back pain, and Dr. Shine is amazing at relieving my pain!! I have seen many chiropractors and Dr. Shine is by far one of the best I’ve ever known. She truly takes a holistic approach and provides much more than just spinal manipulation. The staff is support friendly and I feel like I’m visiting family every time I go.

Stephanie N.

Absolutely amazing! The best chiropractic care in town. You can tell they truly care about helping you get better. And they have the most cheerful and kind staff.

Ashleigh P.

Such a great experience. I’ve never felt that comfortable and confident in a care provider in my life.

Nichole B.

Dr. Shine has been a lifesaver- especially in the last three months of my pregnancy. Between sciatica and hip issues I would have been all but immobile by the end of my pregnancy without the treatment I received at Align Chiropractic!

In addition, Dr. Brandi has been great working with my daughter since her birth- helping with digestive issues and treatment to open her sinuses to relieve congestion from a cold. Highly recommend!

Sarah Wolf

Dr. Shine has been a savior! I recommend her to everyone. She helped with sciatica during my pregnancy and has given me some of the best post-natal care and breast feeding information.

Danielle R.

When I first started seeing Dr. Shine, I was six months pregnant, sick, and miserable. Following her prescription of exercises and regular adjustments in conjunction with my prenatal appointments, I began feeling so much better. She helped me feel better, sleep better, and feel more comfortable. Additionally, I could comfortably carry my 2 year old throughout the rest of the pregnancy.

Lisa M.

I just had my first appointment with Dr. Shine and I already feel so much better! She is amazing!

Sheena L.

My son slept through the night for the first time after having his first CST treatment yesterday! Thank you Dr. Shine.

Tiffany S.