Welcome to Align Chiropractic Care

At Align, Chiropractic Care for Mommies and Babies, it is truly that! Care for the mommies and babies. Being a team of mothers, these doctors truly know what it is like for mommies, and can relate to all the stresses and joys of pregnancy, labor and a lifetime of children. To be able to help our fellow mommies not be in pain and experience the best that mommyhood has to offer is irreplaceable!Pregnancy Wellness
So many times moms are working and taking care of the house, or doing the toughest job of all and being a stay-at-home mom that they forget to take care of themselves. Our hats are off to you, and there is not enough time in the day to say how amazing each mommy is for all that they do for their family.

The Align team goes beyond just the basics of the adjustment, but lends an ear or offers advice when needed.

The doctors bond with their patients who become lifetime friends. Women need a special touch that only a special practitioner can understand and relate with. There is no hurry, you will not be herded like cattle but treated like the VIP mom or the amazing woman that you are.

Dr. Shine and her team want to know what your goals are and see how as a team, they can help you reach them, whether it be a pain-free pregnancy, weight loss, feeling younger, improving skin and hair, or even sleep. As life changes, so will you and your goals, our team can see you through all of them.

The Align team also cares for the children of all ages.

With specialized pediatric training, safe and gentle adjustments are used along with good nutrition to help kiddos stay healthy, grow and develop. We strive to help families find a better way to love life and have happy, healthy kids from the start. As mothers themselves, the Align doctors are here to share their knowledge and experience and are excited to be a part of your family’s wellness team.